Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Spot for Tea

"A Spot for Tea" a cute little house turned to a tea house also in Rhinebeck (town in Poughkeepsie, New York). Another dream of mine is to have dainty place like this where in they serve homestyle tea treats like cookies, pastries and muffins. Though I was not able to make a good shot of the signage, I find it really awesome for a small town to have such. They actually have three small coffee tables in the porch and there are couches inside to for you to relax and tea with friends.


"Gigi" a small Italian bistro in Rhinebeck(town here Poughkeepsie, New York). The restaurant features good italian food from anti pasti to dessert. They also serve wine by the glass since they have a mini bar to attend to those who just want to have cocktails. Ofcourse I ate with Maynard and Sang to experience this intimate hub where people dine and the fun part is that some of the patrons know each other, Gigi can be place to be with friends and for you to meet new acquantances. (in random order)On the house:Cube Foccacia in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ziti Bolognese, Gnocchi and Caccioto(Calamrai) with real Tomato Relish. We had a great time. Rhinebeck can be compared to Greenwich in Connecticut, another version of Beverly Hills in California too, since there are outlet stores in the are.

Cookbook Collection #1: JUICES & SMOOTHIES by Suzzanah Olivier and Joanna Farrow

I love collecting cookbooks especially those that concerns beverages and concoctions. Juices and Smoothies helped me realized that there are endless ways of preparing drinks for any ocassion, be it just a simple meal or for a candlelight dinner. One reason, why I posted this, is because my sister Korina who is four months pregnant, is specifically in need of non-alcoholic drink for their high school reunion next week in California. So, I thought of showing her and you guys as well how wonderful this book is.

Fragrant Fruits
makes 2 tall glasses
10 lychees,peeled and desseded
1 large pear
300 g ( 11 oz wedge) Cantaloupe melon, rind removed
3/4 inch piece ginger root
squeeze of lemon juice
crushed ice
mint sprigs to decorate

Simply squeeze and blend all. Put crushed ice and garnish with mint leaf.

More concoctions featured in the book!
Mixed Salad:cucumber, romaine lettuce, pears, spinach, radish, and crushed ice,

Elderflower, plum and giner juice: root ginger,ripe plums, ripe Elderflower cordial, ice cubes,sparkling water or tonic water. Mint sprigs and and plum slice to decorate.
To my sister's friends: Arit, Niza, Annie, Anne- Happy Mixing! and may you all have the best time for your reunion. To my sister, can't wait to see my niece or nephew, still don't know but congratulations to you and papito-victor!

Almost Spring!

Spring is almost here! So I thought of putting out my MnM chocolates with nuts , bought some citrus fruits and actually ate them. The flower which I bought from a grocery store place on a simple Lavender vase. Can't wait for Spring time!

"When you believe you can- you can!" by MAxwell Maltz

Woodberry known for all those brands from all over the world. I admit that I was addicted to wearng signature clothes when I was in my sixth grade till high school. Hey, peopele change, I just realized that people have different perceptions on choosing whichever makes them happy to simplify it.

I guess ever since I dreamt of being a good pastry chef, I knew that part of it is to invest on tools and equipments. This is where my mom and dad is good at. Thanks Dad for tasting all those bad cookies and bars I made back home. I swear that my dad would always tell me how great were the goods I baked when actually it was totally a mess, too dry, too moist,bitter, overbaked, not presentable.I guess thats why I had confidence in becoming a chef , because my mom and dad believed in me. I have the BEST MOM in the world! A lot of people can attest to that. Thanks Mom for makng good food for us (my sisters Korina and Tina), if not for the Mocha Chiffon Cake, Moist Chocolate Cake, Macapuno Delight( Coconut Tartlets), Beef Stroganoff, Eggplant Spaghetti and a lot more, I would not have had that great motivation that dreaming of becoming a chef is not just an ordinary career but one of the best.
It has been a habit that I visit the kitchen stores atleast here in New York. Sur La Table is one in Manhattan, William-Sonoma, Le Grande Chef, The Pottery Barn. I am starting to collect moulds and pastry cutters, searching for new trends in books because there will be new challenges that I will face for the next years of my life. The real world!

Simple, Yummy, and Sweet

Sunday is wash day(clothes) which I know is not good for a student like me who has a loads of things to do.Since I don't live on campus now, I usually hang out with my friend Edna at the school to do anything. As in anything, while washing my clothes, while waiting for Maynard when his in the Gym, while "anything". Last Sunday it was around 1pm and I was rushing because I have a long quiz the next day, I have to type my notes, do my laundry and chat with Edna, haha that is multi-tasking!. My friend actually had just finished Baking for Culinary class last week and she has with her the bagels they made. I had the poppy seed flavor which is even soooo good when toasted. I know that I have given up eating carbohydrates but this one I can't refuse to taste. Why simple because it is just a bagel, yummy?b because Edna put thick spread of the orange marmalade and herbed cream cheese, F.Y.I ,I ate these separately. Why sweet?because despite the pressure we have in school plus the errunds we have to attend to, my friend took her time out to prepare this mysterious bagel treat. Thanks Edna for a simple, yummy and sweet moment. I will miss her when she graduates 1block( just 3 weeks) ahead of me but I am proud of you.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Korea, one of asia's treasure. I did not realize how rich their culture is, not until I was invited to a friend's house here in Poughkeepsie. Authentic Korean food was served and every bite flashed me back to my childhood. My family and I used to have a stop-over in Seoul, Korea to visit United States. Their food is totally different from other asian foods. Spicey, sweet and artistic like Japanese food. Thank you to Jay, Dan and Sang for such a wonderful evening! I learned a lot! Left to right,steamed black rice, Beff Bulgogi, Leek salad, Miso soup, Pickeled onions and Korea would not be popular without KIMCHI.

Sunday's Lunch:Pork in Garlic-Basil Chilli Sauce

Had 2 4-oz pieces of pork in my freezer,hmmm,well got a garlic-basil paste in my pantry and extra potatoes in my cupboard, why not make good meal for today. I simply caramelized some onions with garlic and some peppers to add sweetness and color to my plate. Sprinkle dried Basil leaves on top to finish.