Saturday, March 11, 2006


"Gigi" a small Italian bistro in Rhinebeck(town here Poughkeepsie, New York). The restaurant features good italian food from anti pasti to dessert. They also serve wine by the glass since they have a mini bar to attend to those who just want to have cocktails. Ofcourse I ate with Maynard and Sang to experience this intimate hub where people dine and the fun part is that some of the patrons know each other, Gigi can be place to be with friends and for you to meet new acquantances. (in random order)On the house:Cube Foccacia in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ziti Bolognese, Gnocchi and Caccioto(Calamrai) with real Tomato Relish. We had a great time. Rhinebeck can be compared to Greenwich in Connecticut, another version of Beverly Hills in California too, since there are outlet stores in the are.