Thursday, July 26, 2007

A s i a n S l a w

Every now and then I crave for a vegetarian appetizer that has less calories. So what I did, one time before watching a good movie with my son, is I got 1/4 from 1 head of a cabbage. Shredded it, boiled a few peanuts for extra flavor and a little texture. Having a hot pan coated with a just a little olive oil, caramelized 1 small red onion, , took out he onion having better flavor in the oil, wilted the shredded cabbage, added in the nuts and seasoned with salt and pepper. There you have it, easy and health asian slaw, healthy,easy and simple.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Caught in the act...C u b e d B r o w n i e

This brownie I had put together a few weeks ago for a small party was a success. People would not know if I only have a few baking staples in my kitchen. During those times, I was short for everything and all I have left was flour, cocoa, sugar and oil. Ofcourse the necessary ingredients like baking powder and baking soda is always present. Not even eggs, believe it or not but I was able to make such a moist brownie. Lighter thanthe usual brownie. I whipped up an american mocha buttercream which is powdered sugar, butter and coffee powder.Sprinkled the top with Honey browns which is powdered brown sugar. I may have survived this event, wish me luck for another unexpected one...