Saturday, March 11, 2006

Simple, Yummy, and Sweet

Sunday is wash day(clothes) which I know is not good for a student like me who has a loads of things to do.Since I don't live on campus now, I usually hang out with my friend Edna at the school to do anything. As in anything, while washing my clothes, while waiting for Maynard when his in the Gym, while "anything". Last Sunday it was around 1pm and I was rushing because I have a long quiz the next day, I have to type my notes, do my laundry and chat with Edna, haha that is multi-tasking!. My friend actually had just finished Baking for Culinary class last week and she has with her the bagels they made. I had the poppy seed flavor which is even soooo good when toasted. I know that I have given up eating carbohydrates but this one I can't refuse to taste. Why simple because it is just a bagel, yummy?b because Edna put thick spread of the orange marmalade and herbed cream cheese, F.Y.I ,I ate these separately. Why sweet?because despite the pressure we have in school plus the errunds we have to attend to, my friend took her time out to prepare this mysterious bagel treat. Thanks Edna for a simple, yummy and sweet moment. I will miss her when she graduates 1block( just 3 weeks) ahead of me but I am proud of you.