Friday, December 09, 2005

Hotel Dupont's Signature Dessert "Chocolate Napoleon"

For the next few days, I will be working in the line. Meaning I will be plating desserts for the Green Room along with the hot kitchen chefs which is one of the most beatiful dining hall of the hotel. I started working last night , from 2:00 to 10:30 pm.
I sometimes work back-to-back with my partner. He prepares garde manger (appetizers).
Chocoltae Napoleon with raspberry sauce served on a plate with cocoa powder, from bottom to top:chocolate cirle,Amaretto Mousse,chocolate circle,raspberries, chocolate circle,mousse and chocolate with chocoalte ganache rosette garnished with chocolate cigiarette. Is there any way you could still make this chocolatey. Awesome. This is good.
I highly recommend to everyone. This dessert by the way is served "A la minute"(french), meaning you have to assemble this just upon geust's order or request.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

B I R T H D A Y G A L !!!

It's my day yesterday. I spent it solemnly without blogging, cooking, doing house choirs, etc. but still caught up doing my thesis for my externship. Maynard gave me surprise cake last night from work(Hotel Dupont), Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake made by Stephanie Coleman of the Pastry Shop. Thanks, I deeply tocuhed. This my favorite, layers of moist chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse, covered dark chocolate Ganache.

As promised, we ordered chinese food from King Garden. Hello, Ni Haw Ma? chichichawwatsi! Haha. Enough of that . Fried Dumplings, General Tso's Chicken, Famous Fried Rice,
Vegetable springroll and hot & sour soup. Wonton Chips and a can of Pepso cola. It was simple, ready to eat and most of all I had no worries at all since its my day.

One of the priorities I had to accomplish was my thesis.

I just needed multi vitamins to last the day doing this. It is all about how I did everyday with my externship in Hotel Dupont here in Delaware. All the recipes I had to compile, cost and compare. Blah, blah, blah.

The rest of the day, I strolled and just felt greatful that I am still, on my 29th year.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To Die For Bagoong Rice (Barrio Fiesta's)

Yes I do have the famous Barrio Fiesta's Bagoong, also not to brag but there's one person from the owner's clan is a very good friend of mine,May Martinez back in 2003 at he Center for Culinary Arts, I remember her giving us samples of the sweet and tasty bagoong. Anyways, I just like to look back to those people who I worked with. Well, even before, I have love this and once in a while I visit the restaurant especially when we have balikbayan relative who visit the Philippines.


chopped garlic

cooked pork cubes


2 teaspoonfuls of bagoong

21/2 cups of steamed rice

Just saute the garlic and onions, then add the pork. Mix in bagoong and toss in the rice. Season.

Rating: Traditional and a comfort food to many filipinos!

The picture is not that fine but hey its still Fried Daing na Bangus. I delicacy made by pinoys by marinating freshly gutted Milkfish in vinaigar, garlic,salt and pepper and I a put a little sugar. You do that overnight and fry it. This goes well with the bagoong Rice. Can't wait!

garnish: Salted egg and sliced Tomatoes

Cakes by Hotel Dupont

Beef Fritter

Remember my E-dumpling mix, well this time I have beef. Ofcourse, you will need wonton wrapper.

In a bowl:
1/4 pound of ground beef,
chopped green and red bell peppers
chopped onions
salt and pepper
2 pcs. of eggs
a little cornstarch

Just combine well . Have your wonton wraps, ready in a plate, I used the big ones so I can just slice them into small pieces for parties and picnics. On the wonton, place a spoonful of the e-dumpling mix and roll them into logs. Lock the end with water. You can even freeze this before frying to keep it tight during frying . Making this a head of time is also good, so at any time you crave for a savory snack, you just pop into your fridge, fry in little oil, for a faster result-deep-fry them, there you have a hearty snack that can be dipped in whatever you like.

Soy sauce+chopped garlic+Vinegar+chopped onions+chiliies+sugar,salt and pepper

Wasabe Mayonaise (now avalable in grocery stores)

Thousand Isalnd ( Mayonaise,Ketchup, optional:pickle relish, salt, pepper and sugar)

Vinaigrette(Vinegar, olive oil,chopped onions,salt , sugar and pepper) herbs are optional

Sweet & Sour Sauce

For Pinoys: Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce


Sour Cream

Ranch Dressing

Endless are the condiments you can pair with this dish. Happy wrapping!

Rating:Yummy, easy, make ahead and handy.