Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pasta Mamita

10:oo a.m. today woke up and craved for pasta. Grabbed my left over dry pasta, having no stock pot to cook it, just got my semi-deep pan and boiled water with salt. I cooked the pasta for less than 12 minutes, drained it and tossed in oil. Hot pan with oil,sauteed onions, leeks, garlic, bellpeppers,tomatoes and mushrooms and add ground beef and tomato sauce. Just love it. Enough for breakfast,sanck and lunch. Ciao!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Iron Chefs: Philippines and Korea

Maynard (my partner)and Sangking (friend and who lives with us also) competes for an ordinary Friday night. Maynard made vietnamese spring rolls using rice wrap with bellpeppers,cilantro and shrimps with cocktail sauce exercising his knife skills and garde manger skill while Sang made and aged pork belly with chilli sauce, lots of onions and bellpeppers too , stirfried and wrapped in fresh Lettuce with steamed rice. Different cultures, diffirent heritage and all that counts is passion for food. Goodluck to both of you who also graduates this September!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Genres with Craypas , Stencil and Stamp and Airbrush as Mediums

People just don't know how I am into arts. This is my outlet when I feel happy and blue,haha. It feels great after doing so. This is another option if you have no time to do yoga or any physical activty. The following were also for my art class. I remember joining the Culianry Institute's art club-Spectrum. I joined the group's exhibit and have one of my painting entitled"By The Window", ironically I was not able to get it back. It did not matter if someone has it, the most important thing is that someone out there liked my creation. Don't worry, if I get the chance to find a photo of it, no doubt at all, I will show you guys here. So, keep art as part of your life, because this means that you give importance to your ability to appreciate beautiful things around you.

A Genre: Painted Menu for Art Class 2005

"Just Desserts", a bistro which I just made up for my Arts class last year. I personally painted this using Acrylic Paint on a very thick art board provided by the school. The items in the menu are the following Rainbow Parfait, Key Lime Cake, Chocolate Layer Cake and Vanilla Fruit Bowl. In the middle is how the place is set up, with huge bricks as flooring and early american chairs and tea table. I just thought that these type of desserts where so popular in the seventy's (70's) so why not at least make it real. I wish huh! I know it will take me years to put up one like this. Hard work and determination are two keys I have to have to acheve this goal.Wish me luck!

Sourdaough Bread

Every three weeks, the Culinary Institute's students holds a Grand Buffet in celebration of those who successfully finished their degree for the month of March. One of the best treat served at the event is a wide variety of Artisan Breads. Sourdough bread is known for natural use of sour as a leavener that lets the bread rise. They use a "lame" as pronounced to male any design like leaves on the bread. Last year my batch made different designs like heart emboss and you can even give this as a gift by embossing your loved one's first name initial letter. Isn't that so personalized?! Simply eaten with the highest quality butter and jam.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A peek at the Grand Central Station

Of course part of my career is to always look for beautiful things around you especially food. The frst shot is an artwork that struck inside Starbucks in the station. I could not totally resist on cupcakes and cakes I saw in that small bakeshop. There are many restaurants to choose from at the ground floor american, pan-asian, mexican ,italian-name it ,they have it.

Have you ever been to the "First Pizza Restaurant in U.S.A."?


My friends from the Culinary Institute and I went to Spring and Mott Street in Manhattan just to taste the first ever pizza in whole United States. Forty five minutes to be seated and another half hour to have a freshly coal-baked pizza. It is tender, cheesey and has simple taste or authentic pizza. I thank "sang" who also lives with us for bringing us to this place. It was a real experience!

Lychee Cherry Delight

My favorite snack, call it a dessert. It is refreshing and allow me to remember my craving when I was baring Jiggy. I simply chill the can of Lychee and put some cherries to add color and flavor. It is very easy to make.