Monday, November 21, 2005

Peppered Pork Steak in Garlic Liver Sauce and Vegetable and Egg Kiampong (fried rice )

I just love the combination of steaming hot kiampong(fried rice) with a very tender pork steak. It is very simple to make. The steak was simply seasoned the lots of black pepper and salt on both sides. Pan fried in hot oil cooked until just tender. The secret to a good steak is to let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes since while you are cooking the meat the muscel tightens up and the juice is extracted, so everytime you make a steak for a simple party or even a reunion, set your meat aside to relax the proteins and retain the juice. Nothing compares to be eating a tender peice of steak, right?:) Of course with my imitation of liver sauce :the pan drippings of my steak is what I used to first saute my garlic, liver spread or pate (Reno brand in particular) , a little vinegar, sugar and lots of black pepper.

The fried is simply sauteed in lots of chopped garlice, green peas, corn and carrots, chopped chives and seasoned with my favorite flavoring lemon pepper with fluffy scrambled eggs. Another tip:always add like 2 to 3 tbsp. of fresh whole milk on your scambled eggs to make it softer and taster and look really good.

Rating: So many steps but worth it. The sauce can also be sweet and sour or simple as ketchup or vinaigrette.

Tuna and Lettuce Wrap

A very easy and healthy snack that you can do at any time. If you have time to see my personal blog:, my favorite condiment is mayonaise or casually known as "mayo". I admiit that it is unhealthy but if you are trying to be on a not-so-strict diet, please, just have atleast a tablespoon or two of it because for me it makes eating any dish so spectacular. Tell me its not true. Haha.

Underneathe : as garnish:Chinese Chives

I am not really a big fan of middle eastern cuisine but I tend to like it somehow like "shawarma (wrap filled with beef/chicken/pork strips" ;Mexican food "buritto (beans,rice and ground meat filling), or simple as any Chinese snack "Lumpia or Spring roll ( vegetable,tofu,a little meat filling. Inspite all these treats, I always have on hand a bag of "pita wrapper and the like."
I am coming up with a lot of concepts on my next new postings. So wait for that.

1 small can of tuna (I use bumblebee)
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
salt and pepper
1/4 head of Iceberg /Romaine Lettuce
1 Tablespoon of sugar
3 teaspoons of honey
Oregano spice
lemon pepper spice

Serve it cold.

Rating: Easy,healthy, for vegans~!

Lasang Pinoy 4:My Version of Quezon's Chami

When my partner said the word "Chami" the first year of our marriage, I said what is that term, never heard of it. This guy brought me to his hometown Quezon Province in Lucena City. I could not imagine that there would be such dish that is simply made of egg noodles, any meat as a component or "sahog" (in Tagalog) and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, salt and pepper, chopped garlic and onions and sugar. The original I tasted in my in-laws house is somewhat spicy and sweet so you could imagine the impact of what a "traditional Chami" is. I could not perfect it but I will not stop until I hit the right taste of this Quezon's comfort food. My creation was made with squid balls , pork slices, carrots and cabbage. Simple but really good. I don't have precise measurements for this because its all a matter of how you want it to taste. I am happy to at least be able to make a plateful of comfort for him and who know's I come up with another version. Haha, I think cooking is endless. You keep on doing it and learning from it.

Rating: Best for snack or Merienda. Cheap and you don't have to make a meat dish to accompany it. Chami itself is the filling, nutritious and versatile by adding different flavors and their ingredients.You know what, this is soooo good with "Freshly Steamed Rice Cake or Puto". I will make you guys one day ! Try this,i bet they will like you even more.