Saturday, June 16, 2007

103 P o s t s, Time flies...

I would like to thank those people who have enjoyed reading my entires, I did as well. No words candescribe how I feel for having reached this point from the first time it was introduced to me by my cuz Ces of SpiCes. It only started back when I was still in Delaware, after work, when I would run into anygrocery to grab just anything not for anything else but for blogging... and for dinner I should say. Ienjoyed every moment of it. I think this is the most educational and worthful activity than just strollin the mall and spend money.
Until now that I have been back to the Philippines, I still udpate my blog since it is highly related to what I do, I bake and I bake. Yes I am inspiredto create new treats not just for my future plan of owning my own place but it just feels right to do such. I need not say too much about the place-"Buon Giornno" , hello,good morning in Italian, but the place is a must see if you happen to be in Tagaytay. The food was great as recommended by one of my neighbors in our village, thanks by the way to her. Just so ironic that my son loved the Pasta Arabiatta,which is spicy and instead I had the kiddie meal-the ordinary spaghetti and the works. Together with us,are mom and my auntie Aw. We enjoyed it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

R e t r o Cake

Remember the retro days,the 80's in particular? Oh I love those good old days when mom used
to bake such desserts. Mom used to have her own small place when she was still single, BAKEHOUSE Manila of which I didn't know not until I really interviewd her about her passion for cooking. I always tell people that she is a great cook, not because Im her daughter but she really does have the talent. Well, mom this cake is for you -Luscious Yema Cake-This is just an Orange sponge drizzled with a rich custard. Yumm...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

F i n o...

I grew up watching my mom set up the table for a special and simple dinner. We love to make any ocassionnot-so perfectly executed but I guarantee that as you step your feet in our home, you would reallyfeel like your in your own. I guess I was used to having a good meal with all the works of setting up a table ,be it just casual or formal.
This is my entry for my cuz' Ces of SpiCes as she hosts "Fine Dining" for all bloggers. This just a simplegenre of how mom and I set up for a luncheon at home with rustic touch since we used an oldcollection of country printed table napkin. The salt and pepper shakers are my favorite. Little teapotsthey look like. The water goblet is always available to really set the mood. I usually serve wine ondinners but maybe even adding a white wine glass to this set up looks even better if you are to servechicken or seafood.
Always,always,dad is in charge of flowers,believe it or not he love doing the arrangement,yes this artificial ,really looks good to me.
Thanks to Ces (ate ces)for such a wonderful idea of hosting this kind of event.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Coconut and Ube B r i o c h e

These two famous tropical flavors are so popular here in the Philippines. It has its own distinct characteristic that I like that is why I never stopped using it as my flavor profile whenever I bake. I try not to forget the local produces because Philippines is where my heart is, my home.
Brioche is an eneriched dough made from scalded milk,flour,lots of eggs,sugar, salt and yeast. It is baked at 400Ffor about 45 minutes after is has been filled with Haleyang Ube or Ube pudding. The coconut flavoredbrioche was filled with fresh coconut meat cooked in heavy syrup.
Such a good treat when served warm... Mom, thanks for sharing with me your all time recipe for

the yam and coconut filling.