Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lasang Pinoy 19:Barrio Fiesta [Galore]

Sampler of Minatamis na Langka, Homemade Bucaio, Pandan Pillows and Panucha
Pinipig Kakanin

This is my post for Lasang Pinoy's 19th edition,I call "G A L O R E" to justify a yearly event of true filipinos. My definition of Barrio Fiesta is a galore of all dishes and desserts you can prepare as a gratitude for all the blessings that a family has received for the year. I am from Manila and barely celebrates fiesta but I have attended several events in the provinces. My sampler plate consists of all the typical desserts you can find in pinoy homes except for the P a n d a n Pillows which is made from boiled rice flour-and-water mixture,cubed, cooked in pandan syrup. I can never resist the pinipig kakanin ( store bought),best when served hot,in my opinion. Thanks to Ms. Ang Sarap for such a wonderful idea. Let's all celebrate...cheers to lasang pinoy bloggers!

O v e r l o a d e d...

Nachos con Guacamole
This season of the year,rainy I must say is the time for Avocados. Manang would fill the basket withfreshly picked, almost ripe avocados perfect for making Guacamole. I could not help but make this savorytreat since I have been craving for chips-and-dip. Underneath is a pile of deep-fried wonton wrappers shapedin triangle and as ease,squares. Pan should be hot before adding the oil,with jsut a little of it is enoughto fry the wontons. Yummy but loaded with calories, I decided to omit the meat and simply heateda cup of tomato sauce. I think it tastes better if you sweat the onions in oil before combining it withthe mashed avocados. Have some tomatoes,why not toss it in the mixture. Grated regular cheeseand there you are, snack and full meal by itself.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Goodmoring D a d...

Mango-Kalamansi Crepe
I wake up 5:00 a.m. everyday to start my daily routine of exercise, having a good breakfast with mom and dad and so on. Since it is Father's Day, had to give up my regimen and make a good and hearty dessert for dad. Crepes are one if the easiests dessert you can do. Just made it from scratch, made some creamy filling, sliced up some mangoes. The crepe was cooked in kalamansi-syrup to add flavor. I think mango goes well with chocolate so I used it as a garnish with kalamansi zest. Mom and dad liked it and that completed my day. Happy Father's Day to all too...