Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cookbook Collection #1: JUICES & SMOOTHIES by Suzzanah Olivier and Joanna Farrow

I love collecting cookbooks especially those that concerns beverages and concoctions. Juices and Smoothies helped me realized that there are endless ways of preparing drinks for any ocassion, be it just a simple meal or for a candlelight dinner. One reason, why I posted this, is because my sister Korina who is four months pregnant, is specifically in need of non-alcoholic drink for their high school reunion next week in California. So, I thought of showing her and you guys as well how wonderful this book is.

Fragrant Fruits
makes 2 tall glasses
10 lychees,peeled and desseded
1 large pear
300 g ( 11 oz wedge) Cantaloupe melon, rind removed
3/4 inch piece ginger root
squeeze of lemon juice
crushed ice
mint sprigs to decorate

Simply squeeze and blend all. Put crushed ice and garnish with mint leaf.

More concoctions featured in the book!
Mixed Salad:cucumber, romaine lettuce, pears, spinach, radish, and crushed ice,

Elderflower, plum and giner juice: root ginger,ripe plums, ripe Elderflower cordial, ice cubes,sparkling water or tonic water. Mint sprigs and and plum slice to decorate.
To my sister's friends: Arit, Niza, Annie, Anne- Happy Mixing! and may you all have the best time for your reunion. To my sister, can't wait to see my niece or nephew, still don't know but congratulations to you and papito-victor!