Thursday, March 02, 2006

Genres with Craypas , Stencil and Stamp and Airbrush as Mediums

People just don't know how I am into arts. This is my outlet when I feel happy and blue,haha. It feels great after doing so. This is another option if you have no time to do yoga or any physical activty. The following were also for my art class. I remember joining the Culianry Institute's art club-Spectrum. I joined the group's exhibit and have one of my painting entitled"By The Window", ironically I was not able to get it back. It did not matter if someone has it, the most important thing is that someone out there liked my creation. Don't worry, if I get the chance to find a photo of it, no doubt at all, I will show you guys here. So, keep art as part of your life, because this means that you give importance to your ability to appreciate beautiful things around you.


ces said...

ako ngang pinsan mo, never knew you do this! galing ah! ironic,,mas magaling pa nga free-hand mo sakn!lol! huy..make one for my apt!!!:)
good to know you're back to blogging again! and btw, i'm still using my efx2 site..inayos na ang comment box sa wakas!