Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sourdaough Bread

Every three weeks, the Culinary Institute's students holds a Grand Buffet in celebration of those who successfully finished their degree for the month of March. One of the best treat served at the event is a wide variety of Artisan Breads. Sourdough bread is known for natural use of sour as a leavener that lets the bread rise. They use a "lame" as pronounced to male any design like leaves on the bread. Last year my batch made different designs like heart emboss and you can even give this as a gift by embossing your loved one's first name initial letter. Isn't that so personalized?! Simply eaten with the highest quality butter and jam.


ces said...

kaya ko ba to? mukhang challenging eh..:)grabeh na talaga..aba! nka-gawa na rin ako ng creme brulee! say...with a leche flan twist!hehehe
btw, pwd ka pa habol for LP7..lpa round-up..just email your entry to joey of 80 breakfasts