Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Genre: Painted Menu for Art Class 2005

"Just Desserts", a bistro which I just made up for my Arts class last year. I personally painted this using Acrylic Paint on a very thick art board provided by the school. The items in the menu are the following Rainbow Parfait, Key Lime Cake, Chocolate Layer Cake and Vanilla Fruit Bowl. In the middle is how the place is set up, with huge bricks as flooring and early american chairs and tea table. I just thought that these type of desserts where so popular in the seventy's (70's) so why not at least make it real. I wish huh! I know it will take me years to put up one like this. Hard work and determination are two keys I have to have to acheve this goal.Wish me luck!


ces said...

good luck! hehe..galing joks!hahaha..
sabit ko sa kitchen ko!