Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beef Fritter

Remember my E-dumpling mix, well this time I have beef. Ofcourse, you will need wonton wrapper.

In a bowl:
1/4 pound of ground beef,
chopped green and red bell peppers
chopped onions
salt and pepper
2 pcs. of eggs
a little cornstarch

Just combine well . Have your wonton wraps, ready in a plate, I used the big ones so I can just slice them into small pieces for parties and picnics. On the wonton, place a spoonful of the e-dumpling mix and roll them into logs. Lock the end with water. You can even freeze this before frying to keep it tight during frying . Making this a head of time is also good, so at any time you crave for a savory snack, you just pop into your fridge, fry in little oil, for a faster result-deep-fry them, there you have a hearty snack that can be dipped in whatever you like.

Soy sauce+chopped garlic+Vinegar+chopped onions+chiliies+sugar,salt and pepper

Wasabe Mayonaise (now avalable in grocery stores)

Thousand Isalnd ( Mayonaise,Ketchup, optional:pickle relish, salt, pepper and sugar)

Vinaigrette(Vinegar, olive oil,chopped onions,salt , sugar and pepper) herbs are optional

Sweet & Sour Sauce

For Pinoys: Mang Tomas Lechon Sauce


Sour Cream

Ranch Dressing

Endless are the condiments you can pair with this dish. Happy wrapping!

Rating:Yummy, easy, make ahead and handy.