Monday, June 11, 2007

Coconut and Ube B r i o c h e

These two famous tropical flavors are so popular here in the Philippines. It has its own distinct characteristic that I like that is why I never stopped using it as my flavor profile whenever I bake. I try not to forget the local produces because Philippines is where my heart is, my home.
Brioche is an eneriched dough made from scalded milk,flour,lots of eggs,sugar, salt and yeast. It is baked at 400Ffor about 45 minutes after is has been filled with Haleyang Ube or Ube pudding. The coconut flavoredbrioche was filled with fresh coconut meat cooked in heavy syrup.
Such a good treat when served warm... Mom, thanks for sharing with me your all time recipe for

the yam and coconut filling.