Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Random F A C T S about Myself...

I have been tagged by Ms. Unice of Lamesa at Kusina to post 8 random facts about myself. Thanks Unice for such a sweet invite. We do have similarities but ofcourse there will always be some qualities and traits I will have. Well, it is quite hard to acknowledge oneself but I have to be honest,lol. So here it is.

  1. I want to make things simple. In short, I hate complicate things, if I feel like doing this, then that is what I will focus on.
  2. I like to express what and how I feel, communication is very important in anything that you do especailly when working with other people.
  3. I think people are naturally nice and I can say I am realizing that I have many friends and ofcourse just a few are the best ones, which are rare to find.
  4. I love to appreciate things, people and their achievements. It is important that people around me should be acknowledged in anything that they do. I love making people good. I nevr want to complain to God about my life because all these are great blessings from HIM.
  5. I am so, so, so inclined in arts. Anything about arts: food, arts, music and the people.
  6. I am a very disciplined person having reached the age of 30,lol, finally. When you are discpline, a day is not enough to do all the great things you want to accomplish. "Time is gold".
  7. I love food. Anything about it. I never stop reading about it, working with it... sharing it with my loved ones. Food is my passion.
  8. I do have my family as my support but my son is the greatest thing that God has given me. My purpose and my strength. I am happy as a person and I share that with my son.

Once again, Unice thanks for tagging me. More power to you!