Friday, August 03, 2007

Lasang Pinoy 20th Edition: Eggplant Omelet W r a p

This is my post for Lasang Pinoy's 20th edition- Eggplant Omelete Wrap. Really am not sure if I made it to the deadline. All pinoys are familiar with "Tortang Talong" which is just mashed grilled eggplant, seasoned with salt and pepper and dredged in beaten egg then fried. It was lunch during that time that I thought of using our kusinera's "Chicken Afritada" as the filling for my eggplant omelet. Well, instead of making those fancy desserts it is the perfect time to be filipino in my posts.
Still I thank Ms. Unofficial Cook for hosting such an interesting event, though I may have missed the deadline.


thess said...

unique filling for tortang talong! sounds yummy!