Monday, July 30, 2007

I c e C r e a m Cake

Just watching food network can be a day off for me as a full time mom. There are a few of my favorites like Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian, Oliver's Twist and Iron Chef. For this post, it was Jamie Olivre's of Oliver's Twist that made me really want to try and taste just two days after seeing the show. It was actually Vanilla IceCream with espresso coffee and caramelized cashew nuts.
I made my version of the dessert with my homemade vanilla ice cream,regular brewed coffee, applecake, struesel and caramelized nuts.I am lucky to have an ice cream maker to whip up the vanilla ice cream. The applecake that was served for a catering and its good I kept a few for this. I always have my coffee maker on whenever I work in my kitchen, house blend of Starbucks and poured it over the churned ice cream. Struesel is what I use for topping my apple pie whcih is a mixture of butter, brown sugar, bread crumbs and assorted nuts. Finished it with caramelized nuts.
Chilling the goblet or stemmed water glass will help maintain the shape of the ice cream an hour before serving this good dessert, well for the first 3 minutes. It can be called Trifle...really good.