Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pound cake, traditionally made from all a pound eggs, butter, sugar and flour.The recipe has been reinvented since it yielded a very tough cake in the old times. I personally would change the ratio of each ingredient to make this cake lighter but still a little dense, sweet, cakey by moist, lemony but not overpowering. You see,baking is precision but texture, taste, structure should contrast and at the same time complement each other. Poppy seeds are mostly seen in this kind of quickbread products as well as muffins and even as a topping for specialty breads, I like it too with bagels.
It was raining when I tested on thise pound cake recipe and had it packed individually for some visitors at home. It is a comfort food for me. A better way to tea with your loved ones that proves how life is wonderful to just have a slice of this...