Wednesday, August 15, 2007

P i t a Sticks... boxed up

I must admit it middle eastern cuisine oftentimes is what I want to make once in a while. I have featured shawarma before and again it is those flat breads that keeps me going when it comes to experimenting suchwith having an ordinary oven. This is made of flour, water, a little yeast and salt contrary to its generaldefinition of flatbreads as unleavened breads. Just sliced up a whole piece and whipped up a dip made of yogurt ofcourse, garlic ,salt and pepper and a hint of paprike. I wanted to try it with balsamic vinegarand it was quite new to me, since yogurt itself is acidic, thus the balsamic vinegar does not help in cuttingthe acidity of the garlic-yogurt dip. Well, another quest may even be better...