Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thai C a s h e w C o n e...

I was browsing thru my huge thai cook book and this one of those that attracted me most. Cashew Cone, a better wayof serving nuts. A friend was coming over and together we made this great conical ensemble. My friend had fun making it.We ended up eating the whole thing. I tried making this with peanuts instead and it tasted great. I used it now whenever dadwould order for finger foods for his meetings in the office.

1/8 cup of cooking oil
1/4 cup of honey
2 cups of cashew nuts or peanuts, roasted
1 cup of dessicated coconut
salt and pepper
Green Chillies, optional

Simply heat up the pan for 2 minutes, add in the oil. Pour the honey and let cook for a minute. Toss the roasted cashew nuts onto the hot mixture. Stir until the oil-and-honey mixture coats the nuts. Add in the dessicated coconut [ this by the way makes it thai flavor plus the chillies]. Stir until wellcombined. Flavor it with salt, pepper and some chillies, I prefer using red and green to better presentation.

Grabbed a page from my Oprah magazine[lol, anything will do, foil or parchement or even brown paper], made acone out of it, I used glucose syrup to seal the sides of the cone. Scooped about a cup and a half of the cooked nuts and served in on a white plate. Try and enjoy making it!