Monday, July 23, 2007

Caught in the act...C u b e d B r o w n i e

This brownie I had put together a few weeks ago for a small party was a success. People would not know if I only have a few baking staples in my kitchen. During those times, I was short for everything and all I have left was flour, cocoa, sugar and oil. Ofcourse the necessary ingredients like baking powder and baking soda is always present. Not even eggs, believe it or not but I was able to make such a moist brownie. Lighter thanthe usual brownie. I whipped up an american mocha buttercream which is powdered sugar, butter and coffee powder.Sprinkled the top with Honey browns which is powdered brown sugar. I may have survived this event, wish me luck for another unexpected one...


ces said...

hey any suggestion for my birthday cake? ung doable but something pag d kaya ng powers ko back to brownies nalang ako...out of the box! hahahaha! with this variation with coffee powder! looks goooood!

Unice said...

wow, looks like a very yummy brownie. anyway, you have been tagged to post 8 random fcts about yourself. Please visit for details.