Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beignet T r i o...

Beignet also known as french doughnuts belongs to the doughnut family. Some are baked and mostlydeep-fried. These trio of beignets is made of flour, leavener, flavoring and sugar. It is usually served as plainly-dredged in sugar or even tossed in confectioner's sugar and I added something into it that made it evenbetter..
Honestly I love to hang out in bookstores especially while I was in the states to kill time or just so I can read while having a good cup of cappuccino. I was in Barnes and Noble bookstore back in Delaware browsingthrough an interesting and newly launched book, I forgot the title but it is all about great desserts fromsome famous pastry chefs in New York. My mom was looking for a good dougnut recipe back home (here in the Philippines) and so I gave her this. She liked the recipe and everything about it. It came out very soft anda little crunchy on the outside. There is a secret component added into this and I think it will remain a secret. It is good and perfect as snack or as breakfast. So when you ran into a good recipe, try to right it down, only time can tell how far that rare-find can go. It can be worth millions.