Friday, May 18, 2007


A is for A P P L E ! This versatile fruit is available year round especially in the Philippines. I remember having my Product Identification Class at CIA,gave me quite a challenge in knowing the varieties of apples:granny smith-the cooking apple,Fuji,comice,red delicious and the like. Each kind has it's owncharacteristics. It is highy important for you to know these facts especailly when you are into baking.
"An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away". Remember that saying?! I still believe that consuming atleast 3-5 kinds of fruits everyday aides in having a healthy body. You feel lighter and beautiful if you eat more fruits and vegetables than that of meat. Well, eating desserts after every meal personally perks me up and I must say it is really included in my own food pyramid.
This is a photo of fresh Fuji apples all line up on a almond-shaped wooden bowl. Yes they really look delicious and can be served as simple as it isHave some apple!