Saturday, May 19, 2007


A is for A P P L E Pie ** This pie is what I always want to make once in a while. That homey feeling of munching a heaping spoon of warm apple pie reminds me of those dayswhen I worked as an apprentice at my college's cafe-The Apple Pie Cafe & Bakery! We use to make a lots of these for the day's consumption. The "EG" label served as a gift for a good friend of my dad,his initials. So I thought of just making the excess pie dough for the labels which also edible. I could have made my own initials-"KC".
You can serve this a la mode -or topped with vanilla ice cream. Yummy! I know that granny smith is the typical variety to make this treat and I only have Fuji in my fruit basket. I did make it ,only reducing the liquid component of the filling recipe. Well, this is still good for you!