Monday, March 12, 2007

I admit that for the last 3 weeks, I had been trying to balance parenting and work. I was quite challenged temporarily knowing that I have to deal with developing products for my soon to open cafe and handling my passionate-in everything mom does son, Jiggy. I guess he will be a part of blogging which makes me realize that he has the talent. If I could only tell you how he can do this and that but I guess that should be published on another entry. I was trying to experiment on a local favorite flavors of pinoys buko-pandan, yes it is anywhere be it in salads, as a beverage and in kakanins or more known as pinoy desserts. Jiggy and I both made used the chiffon cake as our main component or base for me. I always wanted to make coconut-inspired mousse for the filling, pandan syrup to infuse the cake in and the pandan puree to finish the dessert. Jiggy simply put a square of butter, lots of real maple syrup. I could not imagine how creative kids are. He actually instructed me to cut the round shaped chiffon into a flat disc and tada:"hak-keyk" was born. It was a back-to-back baking for me and Jiggy. It was definitely fun and I look forward to knowing whatelse he might be thinking to combine for my next baking session!