Monday, March 12, 2007

Pan de Sal, a yeast bread made from very simple ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. It can also be made with eggs what they call the egg pan de sal which is also known as the Special pan de sal. There are quite many versions, small and huge ones. People now a days use this as a pizza-pan de pizza, pan de carne (corn beef filled) or on its very simple preparation "served with black coffe. Pinoys love to dip or dunk this bread in a cup of coffee. Some put kesong puti, peanut butter, other savory spreads, even liver spread. Since I was able to find goat cheese and butter from the fridge, I knew it was stil going to taste perfect, even more after it was toasted. My son ate 4 pieces in a row. The Melon Con Hielo is simply , fresh milk, sugar, ice and melon shavings. Its all good!