Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Well my usual agenda after work starts from 4 o'clock which is first:going to Concorde Mall then reading cookbooks I dream to buy all by the way at Barnes & Nobles. A little window shopping and often I end up buying some things that I don't usually need like a bottle of cologne from Bath & Body Works with plugging ofcourse, any cooking magazine and a bubblegum or candy. All for a total of 3 hours-so by 7 pm, I would catch the No. 2 or 35 bus going back home. Then at 7.20pm, this is the time I become the real me. I for no reason, just go drop the non-sense things I bought from the mall and ride No. 10 bus to go to my favorite,accessible grocery-Acme store. Haha. I just buy ,any 1 lb meat and this dish I just got chicken breast and ground pork for the E-Dumpling.What is E-Dumpling,simply my "emergency dumpling" mixture. I always have a handful mix of ground meat,whole eggs, breadcrumbs,s&p(salt & pepper) or to make it more of a chef in me "sal en poivre",a lot of chopped onions rolled and wrapped in seran or plastic wrap. I feel that every cook shouldhave it. The meat is wrapped in large wonton wrappers, deep fried and I always cook it further in a 250 degrees Farenheit oven to make it crispier. The Chow Mein which is common take out or delivery item in any chinese resto, I just sauteed chopped garlic in hot oil, added in green and red bell peppers, cubed chicken fillets, and I use beef buillion to enhance the flavor, and add my sliced cabbage. I porch the vegetable in a good hot oil to bring out the flavor. Underneath is a simple fried rice cooked in oil, little garlic. I can make this dish in around 20 minutes because it is easy and cheap to make. I have La Choy Sweet & Sour Sauce and the famous Mang Tomas Lechon sauce (mga pinoy dyan-my language sorry!). There you are good and healthy dish you can have because all the ingredients you would probably have in your fridge and pantry.

Rating: YUMMY and EASY!


ces said...

sabi syo..mas madami ako matututunan syo eh! d kya ng powers ko to! hahaha..but i'll give it a try...gulatin ko ang marco! todo na toh!!!