Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Platings-Series 1

Very simple creation from Alicia and some of us at work. "Petit Fours" or little cakes :

Peanut Butter Tarts is made from mixing chocolate ganace with creamy penaut butter. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts.

Opera Cakes:Layers of genoise (french sponge), coffee buttercream, chcocolate glace and ganache. This by the way should be sliced with hot knife by heating it with a torch or simple as having a bucket of hot water to dip the knife so you will have fine and clean cuts or slice of the prestigeous cake in Vienna, Austria made originally for the Opera House.One of the real test of making this cake is how well you have spread the thin layers of all the components of the dessert. My Favorite. I am still on the stage of perfecting this pastry.

The fruit tart is made with pastry cream filling which is mixture of yolks, sugar, vanilla, whole milk, heavy cream. Should be lump-free and velvety when you taste it. This my design, I just put assorted berries:strawberry,blackberry and bluberries. Thanks to God's natural creations, berries just makes any dessert more appetizing and beautiful.

The next plate up:

Coverture(Dark) Chocolate Truffle with nuts and Walnut Tarts topped with sugar flowers.

Always remember when plating or designing: "Less is more";It is the food that should be given focus on . Just a tip:)

These are usually served in some banquets of the hotel.