Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lasang Pinoy 4: Traditional Concoction-Tapiocca Cooler

I am so proud to have found square jar which I used as a punch bowl for this drink. Filipinos love this usually eaten with fish balls and other street foods back home. Hmmmm, yummy!It is dark syrup using brown sugar or muscovado for a healthier version. plus banana essence or vanilla flavoring and pandan. Thats 2 parts sugar and 1 part water

Ex.: 1 part ingredient =1 cup

so: 1 part= 1c water
2 parts= 2 cups sugar

For the tapiocca: Yes I soaked that overnight to soften the pearls and to make cooking faster. Then the next day, I boiled a 1 cup amount of pearls to 3 cups water for 8 minutes until just soft not soggy.Drain and add syrup.

Concoction: 8 or 10 oz glass: Mix 1 cup pearl -syrup mix and 1 1/2 cup cold water and a lot of ice.

Rating: Sweet, Exotic, Refreshing,"filipinish"(term for filipino taste)

FYI(for your info only)

This is the real Pandan plant. Thai and Filipino cooking uses a lot of this .


ces said...

magpinsan nga tayo! i was just thinkingof doing a post about ZAGU!
haha..pag sinipag ako...

stefoodie said...

welcome to lasang pinoy, kc! sarap ng sago ah. were you able to find banana flavoring in delaware?

Karen said...

Grabe ka KC! First time to join LP but you're really so into it! Hehehe!

This cooler is good for all seasons - in the Philippines.

iska said...

naku yan ang isang na mi miss ko d2 sa beijing. we tried black gulaman once pero grabe ang lasa nung natikman namin. so different from what we have back home...