Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lasang Pinoy 4: Filipino Fetuccine in Tomato Sauce Ala Pad Thai

Herbs: Oregano, Pepper
Garnish: Chopped Salted Peanuts
Tip:In a Hurry to cook pasta?Microwave :15 minutes in water and salt.Drain. Toss in olive oil or butter.

Using pasta is just amazing because you canmy make variable dishes out of it. Well the famous spaghettii (used fetuccini)with red sauce is yummy but I think we should give that a little twist. For the components or "sahog"(in Tagalog-mother toungue), 1 medium sweet Italian sausage, 1 piece hotdog, sliced, left-over meat from yesterday's soul food blog-"barbecue pork cubes. I sauteed them in garlic and red onions. I just let it cook for 4 minutes more to brown a little and extract the flavors of the meat and I added in my dried oregano, pepper and salt. Then I added in my speedy microwaved pasta (and its al dente!:) An authentic Filipino Spaghetti is very sweet and tangy also, so I added tomato ketchup and added a little sugar to make it sweet, if I would be in the Philippines , I would simply use banana ketchup and a little tomato sauce. A la "Pad Thai" beacuse instead of Parmessan Cheese I used chopped Peanuts. You can add bellpeppers for better taste and color. To go with that, I just quartered a lemon-poppy seed bagel with Philadelphia Cream Cheese-regular and thats my version of filipino pad thai. Try it.

Rating: simple, easy to make(20 minutes), "filipinish"(ha,ha my term for filipino taste), with texture also, also good for kid's "lunch box" or "baon".Cheap cost coz you can use some leftover meats from your fridge and frankly its tastier:)


Karen said...

Perfect! We Filipinos love to take in lots of influences and make them our own. Galing! Innovative!