Saturday, May 26, 2007

350 Degrees Fahrenheit Pizza- a healthy one...

Whenever there's a chance, grab it. I've featured pizza several times. My son wanted pizza, and I did not have to think twice but just enjoyed the day making it together.
Wanting to use healthier components, we used tuna flakes(dreained), onions and tomatoes and caremelized them. I seasoned it with salt and pepper,drizzled a little olive oil andlet it wilt over low flame. Dough is simply made of bread flour,salt,yeast, water and shortening. After it has been mixed and kneaded until smooth, set it aside to rest for 30 minutes. Sheeted it out to a round shape , brushed surface docked pizza dough and spread the tomato sauce. Topped it with tuna flakes,caramelized onion halves fresh slice tomatoes. Used grated mild cheddar cheese. It is so amazing that Jiggy's Palate is very much exposed to extensive and a little strong and savory flavors, which I am proud of. We sprinkled a little dried rosemary herb to finish the pizza and baked it for30 minutes at 350F. We both wanted a softer texture that day and made it really just simple to just to enjoy each other's company.
Baking pizza at a lower temperature yields a very soft and a little less of color type of crust. Over all we loved it.