Friday, March 02, 2007

This is so rewarding

I am delighted to be praised by this special person , my son. _ _ _ _ _ always stays with me while I work in my test kitchen, aside from the fact that I feel he is big enough not to be taken care of by his nanny. I know I will never push him to be like his mom but I can see that he really has the heart for cooking. I am certain that he will be artistically-inclined when he grows up. Anyways, I am putting together a series of products and I was all stressed and I just made this parfait since I know I have not made one my lifetime. He was sleeping in the couch and he suddenly woke up and said "ang galing mo mommy". I felt so happy and that is just what I need for that day. I love you too and thanks for being an inspiration to me. I am more eager to do my best and I know one day we'll look back and say " we did it"( an all time expression of _ _ _ _ _ ).