Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Summer is back! Join me as I welcome the summer season here in asia,specifically the Philippines. School has ended and all the people are in search of their best summer activites. Going to beach is one of my agendas. Blogging will always be a part of my regimens. Photo shooting will be next to that. Concocting summer recipes is a must ! Its not work for me though, rather an enjoyment!
The logo "Summer 2007" was taken from an evening gown beaded with sequince. Crazy idea but Summery!
The Halo-Halo "Pink Milk" is simply amixture of Jiggy's strawberry milk, sugar, glazed fruits,jackfruit, rice puffs with a little of sugar. Be it quenching or soothing , it is summer guys so make yourself some halo-halo, and you will come up with your own creation!