Friday, March 23, 2007

"Order Pleas"! My dad was my very first customer ever since I started baking since I was small". Be it cookies or anything that I made just to make me feel good.
A few months ago, I promised myself that I should know how to make one of my
mom's expertise "Sans Rival" which is a cake made from cashew dacqoise( meringue), Itlaian buttercream(softened butter+meringue+cooked syrup), more cashew nuts. I conditioned myself that "I am gonna make it".Well not this time, I overbaked the meringue so I could not get even a round cut for the cake. Everything was alright but the meringue itself. It was bake at 200F , and I was watching it from time-to-time. Apparently I missed perhaps just a few seconds and it really got hard. It is suppose to be chewy when you bite into it. I thought I have to be creative and push myself to still come up with a good treat. Finally, I realized I do have extra-sponge cakes in the freezer which I thaw out everytime I will use it. The cake is compose of: meringue, buttercream,sponge infused with simple syrup (you can a dd another set of three). Tada there you have a "Country Torte" named by Dad. It really looks like am abstract cake but hey it tasts good and creamy inside. I just sprinkled it with powdered sugar Up until now ,dad orders this cake from my kitchen. "Dad thanks for believing in me!