Wednesday, June 20, 2007

O v e r l o a d e d...

Nachos con Guacamole
This season of the year,rainy I must say is the time for Avocados. Manang would fill the basket withfreshly picked, almost ripe avocados perfect for making Guacamole. I could not help but make this savorytreat since I have been craving for chips-and-dip. Underneath is a pile of deep-fried wonton wrappers shapedin triangle and as ease,squares. Pan should be hot before adding the oil,with jsut a little of it is enoughto fry the wontons. Yummy but loaded with calories, I decided to omit the meat and simply heateda cup of tomato sauce. I think it tastes better if you sweat the onions in oil before combining it withthe mashed avocados. Have some tomatoes,why not toss it in the mixture. Grated regular cheeseand there you are, snack and full meal by itself.