Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is My Blog Burning...

This was actually an old post and I want to revive it,so I can contribute to ,"Is my blog burning", for this month of June-the candy month. I wanted to perk up my palate with these bold goodies.

The part that I like in food is its versatility. You can play with it and put it together the way you want it. This a plate of someone who is extremely rebellious (in a good way) on tasting life. The Chips in Shape (diamond,rectangle, round, triangle and square) represents how food can be however you want it to be. It is simply made of phyllo dough (dough for making baklava, turnovers,etc) pan fried in Buerre Rouge ( browned butter, by further melting a plain butter until the butter fat has turned dark to medium dark brown, rouge though in French is literally red) and dredged in Muscovado Sugar. . Ofcourse, the colorful round button specs are the famous MnMs that my son munches on when in need of sugar. The Choco-Nut candy(1 o'clock position) is simply a mixture of ground nuts, cocoa powder ans sugar. Don't be in awe because I did not make it, it is practically store-bought(haha!!). Finally the Red Lolliepop, which give the genre height and color. These are just fun to eat even just to remember those good old days!


Anonymous said...

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