Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So childish I guess for another "Just for fun post" but hey its my son's idea. Rice crispies,melted butter, marshmallows and a little sugar. It is a no-bake treat so kids can really do this. There were no actual measurements for this. J_ _ _ _ just mixed what all of these in a bowl and blended it with a spoon. It should come together,but while it was hot, mom had to help him form it into balls and immediately put it on a liner. That afternoon we visited one my aunts and brought her this,she like it...


ann said...

Hello KC! I tasted that baked rice crispies w/o marsmallows and it was good. My kids loved the choco flavor rice crispies. I was once addicted in baking but because of my overweight kids I decided to stop and shift to low carb foods.

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