Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheese Puff Sticks

I almost forgot making other types of baked goodies or pastries! Relatives and friends visit from time to time and I have to be ready anytime. This holder full of Cheese Puffs are totally away from the sweetness and chocolate flavors. Puff Pastry is basically layers of dough and fat, gastronomically speaking and for me,it is * h e a v e n*. Why? This snack folded in with butter and ricotta and mozarella was served straight from the oven, when you bite into it, that crunchy,chewy and soft texture will just remind you how wondrous breads are. They can be anything you want it to be ,for as long as precision and science is applied when making this puffy dough.


ces said...

uy gusto ko to!