Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Young Chefs

It was a sunny afternoon when my son and his bestfriend prefred to stay in the house to play. Caught up starting on a quite bold recipe " Chocolate Ensaimada". I felt tired doing the same thing, the typical ensaimada. The same specifications I have expected when we made the recipe. The bread should be soft, a little airy and melts in the mouth. My son helped in measuring the ingredients, degasing the dough brushing and filling the dough with chocolate chips and cashew nuts as well as Dodoy his friend. It was fun and was a success. The bread came out as expected and perfectly blends with the peppermint tea. The pretzel stick was just added by the kids,haha. Kids can always be involved in the kitchen for as long as it is safe. Give them tasks and they will do them and feel rewarded in the end. The three of us ended up eating more than a piece of the bread.