Monday, March 13, 2006

Chocolate Sheet Cake (Source: Baking Illustrated Cookbook)

An experiment...
Last Saturday I promised myself that I will bake something that I miss making. Here it is,my own rendition of
the cake from Baking Illustrated Book. I just came up with two flavors one with strawberry flavor and orange. I actually have let my friends try the product and they did like it. The recipe called for sourcream to make it moist but I thought of adding mayonaise and it came out good. Just made simple chocolate ganache for the frosting.

How to make: Pre heat oven to 325F for 15 minutes. Pan size:9" x 13"
Mixed all the dry ingredients:3/4 c cocoa powder, 1 1/4 c all purpose flour, 1/2 t baking soda, 1/4 t salt

Microwave for 2 minutes,covered with plastic wrap:
8 oz chopped chocolate,12 oz butter and whisk until smooth.

Whisk together 4 eggs, 1 1/2 c sugar, 1 t strawberry or orange liqueur, 1/2 c milk, 1/4 c sour cream and 1/4 c mayonaise until smooth. Add in microwaved mixture and blend well. Add in all the dry ingredients by mixing slowly using a rubber spatula. Mix just a until there are no traces of flour. Bake at 325 F for 40 minutes. Cool for an hour. Frost and Serve.


ces said...

eto na ba ang favorite kong choc cake mo? wala na?