Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ham and Cheese Quesadilla Garden in Duo Sauces

See, I told you I could finish a whole bag of Pita Wrapper in a week. This is very delicious and my favorite snack. I guess in every pantry or fridge you would always have breakfast item that includes any flavor of ham (smoked or sweet), cheddar singles of slices or even grated is fine. I just have a hot non-stick pan or Teflon, no oil , put the ist layer of pita wrap, lay the cheese and ham pieces, then top with another layer of wrapper. Let it cook for 3 minutes on each side. Like how did it , because you want you also want it to look appetizing as well. Sliced in quarters and you got 4 servings of quesadilla.

I call it quesadilla garden because when I am in hurry , I would usually microwave with a tablespoon of butter, my frozen peas,carrots and corn veggies, 4 Shiitake mushrooms slice. For my duo sauces: bottled barbecue sauce and sour cream.

RATING:Rich,Mexican Snack and healthy, combination of sauces balances the dish.

Hope you try it!

This can also be done in an oven/grill .Yummmy!!!